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Story of Nes Ziona Told in German Book of Hebrew Library

There has just appeared the first booklet of the German edition of the Hebrew Palestine Library “Lanoar.” This is “Nes Ziona” by S. Ben-Zion, the wellknown Hebrew writer. The translation is by Dr. Max Mayer. Like other booklets in the series, “Nes Ziona” gives a vivid and intimate picture of the foundation, early growth and development of this flourishing Judean settlement. The Palestine library, which in the original Hebrew now includes 30 volumes, is published in conjunction with the Jewish National Fund by Omanuth, Tel Aviv. The volumes are illustrated, and each carries a map of the respective settlement region.

The first booklet in the French edition is “Mikveh Israel” by S. Hillels, translated by J. J. Cohen. Mikveh Israel owes its foundation to the Alliance Israelite Universelle.

There will shortly be published the first volume of the English edition of this library, “Dagania” by Joseph Baratz, translated by Miss Lotta Levnsohn.