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Part of Arab Press Urges Development Plan Boycott

One section of the Palestine Arab press today came out with a call for an Arab boycott of the Palestine land development scheme, alleging that it is a device to fructify the land for Jewish immigration. The scheme provides for a registry of Arabs made landless by their holdings passing to the Jews and on the basis of this registry a scheme for the resettlement of these Arabs is to be drawn up. The plan also provides for an investigation into methods of making available state or other lands for close settlement of Jews within the funds available.

In the meantime keen competition has developed between the two Arab factions, the Husseinis and the Nashashibis, for the position of Arab advisor to Lewis French, the director of development. The Husseinis are boosting Jamal Husseini, secretary of the Arab Executive and former director general of the Moslem Waqf, while the Nashashibis favor Elias Moghannem, prominent attorney.