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Jewish Community in Kielce Poland Stirred by Inciting Inscriptions on Cross: Jews Not to Lease or Bu

“Pray to the Lord that Polish land will not be possessed by Jews” is the inscription illuminated on a large cross erected in the middle of a street in one of the best quarters of the City of Kielce, according to a report which appears in to-day’s Jewish press in Warsaw.

The report relates that open discrimination against Jews is practised now in Kielce in a newly-built quarter of the town, consisting of two long streets. The buildings in these streets, the report states, are mainly owned by Government officials, and no rooms or houses are being let or sold to Jews.

The report also reveals that the land on which the new quarter was built was sold to the builders on the conditions that no house should be let or sold to Jews for the next seven generations, and a document to this effect has been registered in the Kielce Court.

The Council of the Jewish Kehillah in Kielce has decided to submit a protest to the higher authorities against the antisemitic inciting inscription on the cross. The Kehillah Council points out that thousands of school children pass the cross daily and read the inscription, thus being subconsciously influenced against Jews.