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Polish Police Check Anti-jewish Outbreaks on Sports Grounds.

Serious anti-Jewish outbreaks were prevented in the town of Sosnowicz, poland, due to the prompt and energetic intervention of the local police, it is reported here to-day.

The outbreaks started during a football match played by a Polish sports club against the Jewish Maccabee football team. A stone thrown by someone in the audience, which was aimed to hit a Jewish player, missed its mark and instead hit a Polish player.

Polish antisemitic hooligans who were among the onlookers took this incident as a signal and started to attack the Jews in the audience. The attack later spread to the neighbouring streets and were checked only by the immediate intervention of the police.

A similar incident is also reported to-day from Dombrove, where anti-Jewish outbreaks occurred during a football match. The trouble, however, was promptly put down.