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Arab Conference Decides to Organise Anti-government Demonstration in Palestine: Protests Against All

Inflammatory speeches were delivered and threatening resolutions adopted at an Arab Conference in Nablus, which was called by the Young Men’s Moslem Association for the purpose of protesting against the alleged arming of Jewish colonists in Palestine.

Only 60 delegates were present at this Conference. Among the resolutions adopted is one threatening a demonstration all over Palestine to be held on August 15th. “If the Government continues arming the Jewish colonists, we shall take all necessary steps against it”, the resolution states.

Meanwhile, the Conference has appointed a Committee instructing it to demand from the Government the arming of Arab tribes and villagers and “to inform the whole Moslem world, including kings and princes, of the damage which the Palestine Government has done by arming the Jews”.

Armed cars and lorries carrying machine-guns were sent by the Palestine Government from Jerusalem to Nablus in connection with the Arab Conference. Both Mufti and anti-Mufti forces from many towns were represented among the sixty delegates at the Conference, both sides, however, trying to excel in raising a new anti-Jewish agitation.