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Polish Government Takes Measures to Prevent Anti-jewish Outbreaks at Sports Places: Investigation in

Measures to prevent sport games from becoming occasions for anti-Jewish outbreaks were taken to-day by the Polish Government in connection with the anti-Jewish incidents which took place recently in Radom, Lublin and Sosnowicz.

An investigation which was concluded to-day has established that only a few Jews were attacked in Lublin during the football match riot there, and no Jews were injured.

A circular was also issued to-day by the Association of Polish Sports Clubs regulating in detail the safety of sport games in the future. This circular was sent out to all the sports clubs in Poland. The Association of Polish Sports Clubs also decided on strong measures against the possible repetition of anti-Jewish riots during sport matches. These who are responsible in the future for such riots will be severely punished, according to the regulations of the Association.