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Palestine Arab Leaders Dissatisfied with Extremism of Arab Youth in Nablus Says Report and Endeavour

The serious clashes which took place in Nablus on Saturday and Sunday between Arab demonstrators and police had a sequel to-day, when twenty Arab rioters arrested during the demonstrations were brought to Jerusalem and lodged in gaol pending their trial, and a number of Arab wounded were brought from Nablus and placed in hospital here.

The older Arab leaders in Nablus are dissatisfied with the hotheadedness of the younger Arab leaders in the town, which is making it the centre of Arab extremism, and they are beginning to organise a movement to resist the extremist tendency and to deprive the younger men of their power. They are supported by the orthodox Moslems, who are angry because women took part in the riots and threw stones. The older Arab leaders in Nablus will consequently make an effort to damp down the agitation which has been carried on for the last few weeks.

The Palestine Arab Executive held a meeting here this afternoon to consider the situation in Nablus created by the new clashes there with the authorities. The Government is expected to issue a new communique this week dealing with the question of the sealed armouries provided in the isolated Jewish colonies which the Arabs are making the object of their agitation.