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Hungarian Jews Anxious About New Government: Premier Tells Antisemitic Party His Conceptions Are Ide

Hungarian Jewry is filled with apprehension over the antisemitic tendencies of the new Government, constituted under Count Julius Karolyi, and to-day this apprehension became a real fear when the Premier assured the Antisemitic Party led by Dr. Wolff, the former Lord Mayor of Budapest, that “my conceptions are identical with the Christian National programme, which the Government will present as its programme to Parliament”.

The anxiety was tempered down a little, however, later on in the day, when the Premier, in presenting the Government programme to Parliament, said that his Government stands on the Christian Nationalist basis, but went on to explain that at the same time the Government recognises no distinctions between the various religious communities in the country, and that the only distinction which it will make will be the extent to which each individual citizen carries out his duties to the fatherland.

That is offering incense to the Jews, because you need Jewish money, the Social Democrats interjected at this point.

The leader of the Government Party, Deputy Rubinek, in following count Karolyi, said that his party welcomed that part of the programme outlined by the Prime Minister in which he laid it down that the Government will pursue a policy of confessional peace.