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Ritual Murder Allegation in Canadian General Election: Talmud Teaches Jews to Kill Christian Childre

The Talmud teaches Jews to kill Christian children, Dr. Raoul Poulin, a Conservative candidate in the general election to the Quebec Legislature now in progress, declared at an election meeting which he addressed at St. Victor, a small town in Quebec, says a report arriving here to-day.

Referring to the Jewish school question, which has become an important issue in the election campaign, Dr. Poulin is reported to have said that “the Liberal leader, Mr. Tascherau, the Prime Minister of Quebec, although himself a devout Christian, nevertheless warmly sympathises with Jewish problems and is in favour of giving the Jews a separate school system. But how could Tascherau take such a step, he went on, when it is no secret that the Jewish Talmud teaches that the murder of Christian children by Jews is justified and is not considered a sin.”

Mr. Standard, a Jewish country pedlar from Quebec, who happened to be in Dr. Poulin’s audience, protested vehemently against the libel, shouting, “It is a barbaric lie. Prove your pernicious statement”.

The speaker admitted that he had never studied the Talmud. The audience, however, came to his aid with antisemitic cries and attacked Standard who was saved from a severe beating only by the intervention of some Liberal friends.