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France Has No Intention of Abandoning Syrian Mandate: Paris Denial of Report Current During June Ses

The reports which were current in Geneva in June during the last meeting of the League of Nations Mandates Commission, that France was contemplating abandoning her mandate for Syria and Lebanon, so that with Britain abandoning her mandate over Iraq and proposing Iraq for membership of the League of Nations as an independent State, Palestine and Transjordan would be the only remaining Class A Mandates, and that the entire system of “A” Mandates might be abandoned, in consequence, is stated in well-informed circles here to-day, on the eve of the meeting of the League of Nations Council, to be an entire misrepresentation of the policy which the French Government has decided to adopt.

France is not contemplating following the example of Great Britain in Iraq, and abandoning her Mandate in Syria, it is stated. The French Government, it is explained, may propose to the next meeting of the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations a modification of the Mandate to enable Syria to become a member of the League of Nations in the distant future, but in such a way that it will not involve the abandonment of the Mandate. Even the contemplated admission of Syria to the League of Nations, it is added, is a question which is not likely to arise until the very distant future.