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Jews in Roumanian Villages Being Murdered by Antisemites Jewish Deputy Complains: Ten Cases in Bukov

Deputy Max Diamant, one of the members of the Jewish Club of Deputies, has submitted a memorandum to the Minister of Justice, M. Hamadju, and has made representations to the Chief Procurateur in Czernowitz, M. Alexandru, demanding stern measures on the part of the authorities to put a stop to the murders of Jews in the villages of Bukovina, of which, he says, there has been an epidemic recently. The latest case has been the murder of a whole Jewish family, named Rudich, he says, and in the last few weeks there have been nine other such murders of Jews without the murderers being found in a single case. Deputy Diamant expresses his conviction that the murders are all due to antisemitism, and he demands that the authorities should give adequate protection to the Jewish populations of the villages of Bukovina.