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German Ex-crown Prince and the Jews: Prussian Royal Family Has Notice Published in Hitlerist Press D

A notice is published to-day in the Hitlerist newspapers by the General Administration of the Prussian Royal Family, denying the authenticity of the interview with the German ex-Crown Prince on the Jewish question which appeared last week in the “Wiener Journal” (quoted in the J.T.A. Bulletin of the 4th. inst.).

The fact that the ex-Crown Prince spoke with someone from Vienna is admitted, however, in the statement, which also does not make any direct denial of any of the views attributed in the interview to the ex-Crown Prince, contenting itself with the remark that the ex-Crown Prince did not intend that what he said should be given publicity in the Press.

The purpose of the statement is clearly to regain the favour of the Hitlerist press, which has been expressing itself in vigorous terms against the so-called pro-Jewishness of the ex-Crown Prince.