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Berlin Police President Publishes Statement in Berlin Press Declaring Excesses Against Religious Jew

The Berlin Police President, Herr Albert Grzesinski, and former Minister of the Interior in Prussia, publishes a statement to-day in the “Vorwaerts” and other Socialist newspapers, who print it as a leading article, in which he declares that the excesses committed against the religious Jewish minority in Berlin have revolted all decent-minded Germans and evoked indignant protests among them. The organised and systematic attacks made on Jews attending their places of worship for divine service are harmful to Germany’s reputation as a civilised State, he proceeds.

The Police President then goes on to express his regret that instead of condemning the Hitlerists for committing the excesses, the daily newspapers in Berlin have for the most part concentrated on attacking the police alleging that they came too late. It is impossible, he declares, when sudden outbreaks occur on such a large scale to have big forces of police immediately on the spot, but very soon after the alarm was received big police forces were rushed down and the excesses were promptly suppressed, and sixty of the participants were arrested.