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Political Humbugs Conducting a Malicious and Unfounded Agitation: Strong Words Used by British Magis

Political humbugs conducting a malicious and unfounded agitation, was the description applied by Mr. Cressal, the British magistrate, in binding over to-day Jemal Kassim and Sidki Malhus in sums of £200 and £100 respectively, for having organised the demonstration held in Nablus on July 31st. against the alleged supply of arms and armouries by the Government to the Jewish population.

There was a third accused, Sheik Sabri Abdein, but the magistrate dismissed the case against him, saying that the Sheik was an ignoramus who did not know what he was talking about.

These vapourings may sound patriotic to a prejudiced political audience, he said, but in the calm atmosphere of the court they assume their proper worth as amusing examples of childish arrogance.

It would be a waste of public funds to send such misguided nonentities to prison, he concluded.