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We Shall Blow Up the Synagogues Pour Petrol over Jews in Streets and Kidnap Jewish Children and Conf

Hitlerists are venting their anger at the heavy sentences passed on the participants in the anti-Jewish excesses on Rosh Hashanah by flooding the Central Union of German Citizens of Jewish Faith with anonymous letters threatening to blow up synagogues, to pour petrol on Jews walking in the Kurfuerstendamm and to set them on fire and to seize Jewish children and hold them prisoners in underground cellars until they die there of starvation. Prominent members of the Central Union are receiving similar threatening letters at their homes.

The Central Union draws the attention of the authorities to these threats in an open letter to the Government which it has published to-day, in which it asks why the Federal Government is not coming out actively in support of a movement to create a united front of all decent and sober-minded Germans to oppose the Hitlerist negation of civilisation which is threatening to destroy Germany. If nothing is done to stop them, the Central Union says, the Hitlerists will seize the first favourable opportunity to start a wave of sadistic bloodshed, which will inevitably hurl Germany back into barbarism.