We Do Not Believe It Says Palestine Arab Paper.
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We Do Not Believe It Says Palestine Arab Paper.

We do not believe the reports about Shaukat Ali’s intentions to suggest to the Indian Round Table Conference that the ex-Sultan Waheed Eddin should be proclaimed Caliph and placed in Jerusalem, the Palestine Arab paper “Al Carmel” writes.

We think that Shaukat Ali and Hadj Amin Husseini (the Grand Mufti), it says, have not forgotten the evil consequences of the attempt to proclaim the late Hussein as the Caliph. The appointment of the ex-Sultan Waheed Eddin to that post may arouse dissatisfaction amongst the Turkish people who have deposed him, at a time when the Arabs, particularly those of Palestine, need the sympathy of every Arab and Moslem.

Therefore, it concludes, we hope that the object of the All-Moslem Conference at Jerusalem, will be to discuss the ways and means of safeguarding the Holy Land and the Moslem holy places and of organising Arab and Moslem public opinion.

We hope, it adds, that King Ibn Saud, the Imam of Yemen and the Turkish Government will also be invited to send representatives to the Conference, because they are the strongest Moslem powers.