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Polish Government Issues New Order Regulating Jewish Community Tax: Must Not Be More Than 10 Per Cen

The “Official Gazette” publishes a new Government order providing for the regulation of the financial affairs of the Jewish Communities in Poland in the matter of the collection and levying of Community dues on the members of the Jewish communities. The practice hitherto has been to allow the Jewish Communities independence in this matter of raising their revenue. Under the new order the Jewish Community tax will be fixed in proportion to the tax levied by the State, the provision being that the Community tax required from any member must not be more than 10 per cent. of the tax he pays to the State.

The order also regulates the revenue obtained by the Jewish Communities from Shechita and other income-deriving activities under the control of the Communities, and among other things, it abolishes the practice of farming out Shechita, which has been the practice in some communities, and insists that in all cases, such revenue must go direct into the Community treasuries.