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Warsaw Has Jewish President of City Council: Following Resignation of City President Jewish Vice-pre

The President of the Warsaw City Council, M. Javarowski, the leader of the secessionist group of the Polish Socialist Party, resigned a few days ago, owing to differences with the other groups on the City Council, and Councillor Maizel, one of the two Vice-Presidents of the Council is acting for the time being as President.

As soon as the first meeting of the Council over which he presided was opened, the Councillors belonging to the group led by the ex-President, Councillor Javarowski, started a disturbance, banging, stamping their feet, whistling, and generally making it impossible to carry on the meeting. Antisemitic remarks were freely used, and finally, after the disorder had lasted for almost an hour, Councillor Maizel closed the meeting. A meeting of the Chief Commission of the Council was immediately held to consider the situation, and the representatives of all the Parties, except that of the ex-President, including the antisemitic Right, passed a vote of confidence in Councillor Maizel, upholding his conduct of the chair, and calling upon all members to obey his rule.