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New Cuzist Congress to Be Held in Bukovina on Sunday: Jews Anxious over Concentration of Antisemitic

A Congress of all the Cuzist organisations in the Province of Bukovina has been convoked for November 1st., to take place in the town of Radautz, at which addresses will be delivered by Professor Cuza and other Cuzist leaders. Though the published agenda looks very innocent, being concerned with questions like the debts owing by the peasants, land distribution, etc., the Jewish population of the Bukovina, basing its fears on past experience of Cuzist Congresses, is afraid that it may be diverted into antisemitic channels, and that the concentration of large numbers of Cuzists from all parts of the country may as on previous occasions lead to anti-Jewish excesses in Radautz itself, or in the towns along the line by which the delegates will be coming to Radautz or dispersing after the Congress is over.