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Balfour Declaration No Longer Worth Protesting Against Says Palestine Arab Organ Explaining Why Arab

We have not erased, and we do not intend to erase the Balfour Declaration anniversary from our Jewish calendar, despite all the heavy reversals we have suffered, is the tenor of editorial articles appearing to-day, the fourteenth anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, in two of the Palestine Hebrew dailies “Haaretz” and “Doar Hayom”. The Palestine Labour daily “Davar” has no editorial on the subject.

The Balfour Declaration is no longer worth wasting good printer’s ink on black borders for, or closing down Arab businesses for, involving considerable economic loss, the English edition of the Palestine Arab paper “Falastin” writes, explaining why the Arab papers this year have appeared on Balfour Declaration Day without the usual black borders of past years and why there is no Arab general strike to-day, and all Arab shops and businesses are open as on an ordinary day.