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Polish University Disturbances Raised in Parliament: Joint Interpellation by Jewish Deputies and Pol

The new anti-Jewish disturbances at the Polish Universities are being brought up in Parliament to-day in the form of a joint interpellation to the Government submitted by the Club of Jewish Deputies and the Parliamentary Club of the Polish Socialist Party.

The “Gazeta Polska”, the chief organ of the Polish Government Party, publishes an article to-day, condemning the anti-Jewish violence at the Universities and describing the attitude of the National Democratic students as idiotic.

The “Gazeta Warszawska”, the official organ of the National Democratic Party, on the other hand, repeats to-day its allegation that the Jewish students started the trouble by their overbearing attitude, and attacks the students belonging to the Government Party for ranging themselves in support of the Jews.

The National Democratic students attempted to hold a street demonstration to-day in the vicinity of the University, but they were dispersed by the police patrols. The police could not follow them into the University building, however, the National Democratic students posted pickets at the doors of the lecture rooms and refused to admit Jewish students. They also went about the University courtyard shouting “Down with the Jews”, and “We want a numerus clausus!”.

Meanwhile, at Cracow, where the disturbances started, quiet has been restored, and the J.T.A. is informed that the authorities are considering reopening the University there tomorrow.