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National Democratic Students Very Martial Against Nursemaids and Perambulators in Park Says Governme

The “Gazeta Polska”, the chief organ of the Polish Government Party, publishes a very sarcastically-written article to-day in which, after pointing out that the antisemitic agitation and violence of the National Democratic students is doing more harm to Poland than to the Jews, it says that these pseudo-heroes can be very martial when it comes to hitting nursemaids with baby-cars in the Saxon Park, but they do their best to try to get out of doing their military service.

We declare solemnly, the paper says, that the State will never allow such wild and reckless acts to be committed against any minority people in our country. Our Jewish fellow-citizens enjoy equal rights in this State, and are as much entitled to the protection of the State as Roman Dmowski (the National Democratic leader), and if it is found necessary, we shall take very effective measures against all hooligans, even if they are pure-blooded Aryans.