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Question of Security in Palestine: Why Should Jewish Agency and Vaad Leumi Provide Rewards and Other

Another four Arabs have been arrested to-day in addition to the five Bedouin who were arrested on Friday, following the discovery of the bodies of the two Jewish hikers, Stahl and Zohar. They include the Effendi who gave the information to some of his Jewish friends that he knew they had been murdered, but cemanded and received £200 for his information, before he would reveal where the bodies could be found, The money was supplied by the Jewish Agency and the Vaad Leumi. In addition, the Jewish Agency Executive supplied the £20 which was offered by the police as a reward for any information shortly after the disappearance of the two victims.

All the Hebrew papers in Palestine devote their front pages to the tragedy, and publish editorials, in which they complain of the ineptitude of the Olice and ask indignantly why Jewish institutions should have to provide the reward and other expenditure, when hundreds of thousands of pounds drawn from all inhabitants of the country in the form of taxation are spent on the security forces of the country.

Special memorial prayers were recited for the two victims during the Sabbath services in many of the synagogues.