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Austrian Government Promises to Show Bill for Legalisation of Student Rights at Vienna University to

The Government will take into account the wishes expressed by the Jews in respect to the question of giving legal recognition to the rights of the student bodies at Vienna University, and before the Bill dealing with this matter is presented to Parliament, it will be submitted to the Jewish Community, to afford it an opportunity of acquainting the Government with its views, the Premier and the Minister of Education declared to the members of the Presidium of the Vienna Jewish Community, Professor Pick, the President, and Messrs. Ornstein and Loewenherz, when they had their interview to-day in order to express to the Government the fears of the Jewish Community with regard to the proposal to legalise the status of the race-antisemitic student organisation.

This announcement is made in an agreed official communique issued here with regard to the interview, which it is stated lasted for about two hours, in which the Jewish representatives were given every opportunity of presenting their views.

The Government spokesmen further assured the Jewish representatives that the Jewish National students’ body will be given full equal rights, and informed them that the German students’ organisation had pledged itself to maintain order at the University and therefore they asked the Jewish Community to exert its influence also on the Jewish students that they, too, should preserve order.