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If Hitler Rules: Jews in Germany Would Be Starved Out: Hitlerist Government Would Confiscate All Foo

If the Hitlerists obtain control of the German Government, the Jews in Germany will be starved out, according to documents which have been seized by the police at the Hitlerist headquarters in Darmstadt, the capital of the State of Hesse, where the Hitlerists recently obtained big victory in the Parliamentary elections, containing plans for a Hitlerist coup d’etat, on the basis of which the Public Prosecutor has opened an enquiry, with a view to bringing charges of treason against a number of Hitlerist leaders, including several members of Parliament.

The plan of action contained in the document lays down the methods to be pursued by the Hitlerist storm troops to stir up civil war and chaos in Germany, under cover of which the Hitlerist armed forces would seize the power, and maintain it by a system of martial law, with military Hitlerist tribunals which would punish by death all resistance to the orders of even the lowest rank of Hitlerist storm trooper. Anyone found in possession of arms would be shot without trial. All property and all foodstuffs would be confiscated. Compulsory labour service would be enforced, and food would be obtained only by food-cards issued to the labour conscripts. Jews would be excluded from labour service, by a decree depriving all Jews of citizenship, and thus they would not be able to obtain any food, and would be compelled to starve or to leave the country.