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4,000 Jewish Souls in East End of London Receiving Food Relief from Jewish Soup Kitchen: Figures of

Owing to the present distress caused by the unemployment in the East End of London, it is anticipated that the figures of applicants will considerably increase during the coming winter months, Mr. Gustave Tuck, the Treasurer of the Jewish Soup Kitchen, said speaking at the opening of the Jewish Soup Kitchen this evening.

Hundreds of Jewish poor were waiting for admission and relief was given to over 700 families, representing more than 4,000 souls. The opening ceremony was performed by Lieut.-Colonel Stanley S. G. Cohen, who gave a substantial donation towards the fund.

The comparative figures for the last four years show a steady increase in the number of families relieved by distribution of food. In 1927 there were 569 families; in 1928, 547; in 1929, 653, and in 1930, 629. In the last year the Committee had to find food for about 4,000 people each evening.