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The Vilna Murder Charge: National Democratic Paper Says Accused Jews Will Be Put Before Court Martia

The “Gazeta Warszawska”, the chief organ of the National Democratic Party, carries a sensational story to-day to the effect that the two Jews, Wulfin and Zalkind, who have been arrested in Vilna on suspicion of having killed the National Democratic student, Stanislaw Waclawski, are to be placed before a court martial, which would inevitably mean a death sentence for them. The J.T.A. is assured, however, on enquiry, that there is no likelihood of a court martial in this case.

A Wulfin and Zalkind defence committee is being formed for the purpose of arranging for a proper defence of the two accused.

Another two police commissaries in Vilna and the Commandant of the Vilna Police Reserve Force have been dismissed from their offices as a result of the disciplinary enquiry into the charges of anti-Jewish behaviour during the excesses which occurred in Vilna on November 10th., which have been made against a number of Vilna police officers.