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Jews Crucified Christ Yet Christians Go for Christmas Shopping to Jewish Stores While Small Christia

Three pictures, the first a Calvary, with the inscription “That is how the Jews nailed Christ to the Cross”, the second showing some of the local stores decorated for Christmas, with the inscription “Yet Christians rush to the Jewish stores to do their Christmas shopping”, and the third showing a man hanging from a beam, with the inscription “The result of Jewish competition – Christian small shopkeepers driven to suicide by competition of the big Jewish stores”, appearing on the front page of the “Schlesischer Beobachter” is the method adopted by the antisemites of Breslau for conducting their anti-Jewish boycott movement.

The “Breslauer Juedische Zeitung” reports now that the Breslau District Court has granted Advocate Foerder on behalf of 15 local Jewish firms an injunction restraining the editors, publishers and printers of the “Schlesischer Beobachter” and the “National-sozialistische Schlesische Tageszeitung” from publishing in the text or in the advertisement columns any pictures or reading matter calling upon their readers not to buy from Jews or to buy only from Germans, or any appeals and exhortations intended to promote an economic boycott against Jewish businessmen because they are Jews.

In handing down the injunction, the court declared boycotts to be contrary to the principles on which civilisation is based, and described the pictures which have been appearing in the “Schlesischer Beobachter” as designed to disturb the existing political system.