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30 Per Cent. of Polish Jews Been Unable to Renew Their Trading and Artisan Licences for New Year: De

30 per cent. of the Jewish traders and artisans throughout the country have been unable to pay the fees necessary to renew their licences for the new year, it is stated to-day. Intervention made to the authorities to allow licence holders to pay their fees by instalments has been unsuccessful.

Delegations from the Central Federation of Jewish Small Traders and the Central Federation of Jewish Artisans have been appealing to the Warsaw Jewish Community to help them to pay the fees for their members, because otherwise they would have to shut their shops and workshops, but the Community was unable to raise the money. The Jewish Rescue Committee expressed itself anxious to help, but has been waiting for funds from the Joint Distribution Committee which have not yet arrived. Saturday is the last day on which the licences can be renewed, otherwise they lapse.