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Jewish School-children Compelled by Headmaster to Wear Hair Cut in Form of Cross: Complaint of Moral

The Jewish children attending the elementary school in the township of Baranow have been compelled by the headmaster a man named Kryk, to wear their hair cut in the shape of a cross, Deputy Gruenbaum complains in a memorandum containing photographs of the children which he has submitted to the Minister of Education. A man with such a perverse mind is totally unfitted to be responsible for the instruction of the young, Deputy Gruenbaum writes.

The non-Jewish children in the school, he adds, are following the example of their headmaster, and are persecuting their Jewish fellow-pupils in every way. Good Christians can only feel outraged by such sacrilege of the Christian religious symbol, Deputy Gruenbaum says, and he demands that the Minister should order an enquiry into the matter.