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Deputy Goebbels Says He Will Not Tell Whether He Arranged Pogrom in Kurfuerstend {span}###{/span}unl

Deputy Goebbels, the Berlin leader of the Hitlerists, was called to-day as a witness in the continued hearing of the appeal of Count Helldorf and his associates, who were found guilty of carrying out the anti-Jewish attack in the Kurfuerstendamm last Rosh Fashanah, and arrogantly declared that he would not answer the question put to him whether he had arranged for a pogrom in the Kurfuerstendamm, and put Helldorf in charge of it, unless he was confronted with the police spy who had given that information.

Deputy Goebbels went on to make insulting remarks about the Police Presidium and about the Jewish Police Vice-President, Dr. Weiss.

The court finally decided to record in the minutes of the proceedings that Deputy Goebbels had refused to give evidence.