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Jewish Population Unaffected by Situation in Shanghai: Many Jews in Volunteer Force

The Jewish population of Shanghai is not affected by the present situation the city. There are no Jewish casualties and no damage has been sustained by any Jews. Many Jews in the Settlement have joined the volunteer corps which is preserving order in the city.

In consequence of the threat to the lives and property of British subjects in Shanghai, a British force was dispatched to Shanghai in January 1927, as has been done now. When Major-General Sir John Duncan, the Commander-in-Chief of the Shanghai British Defence Force, returned to London a year later, in January 1928, he sent a message to the Jewish periodical in Shanghai, “Israel’s Messenger”, in which he wrote: I was very much touched by the article in “Israel’s Messenger” in regard to my services in Shanghai. I feel that I hardly deserved the flattering remarks you made about me, but it gives me the greatest pleasure to realise that the troops have made such a good impression in Shanghai. All good wishes for the Jewish Community which has helped me so materially.