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United States of America in Approving Mandate for Palestine Received Right to Say Something About Wa

America’s interest in the enforcement of the Palestine Landate, with particular reference to the recent formation of the American Palestine Committee and the forecasts of the tendency of Mr. Lewis French’s report on Palestine Development, foreshadowing a ban on Jewish land purchase, is emphasised in an article appearing in to-day’s “New York Times”, giving the views on the subject of Dr. Seren Andrews, an American authority on Mandates.

The United States, in approving the Mandate for Palestine, received the right, he claims, to say something about the way in which the Mandate operates. This authority, be proceeds, was made more specific by the joint resolution adopted by the United States Congress in 1922, and signed by President Harding. The organisation now of the American-Palestine Committee, he continues, was officially endorsed by President Hoover, Vice-President Curtis, and Supreme Court Justice Stone. The United States is thus doubly committed, he declares, to favouring the Zionist policy, and is empowered with the privilege of insisting that this policy should be carried out. In the light of this decision, he concludes, the recent discussion which took place in Washington on January 17th., concerning the Jewish National Home in Palestine assumes important dimensions, and the land problem in Palestine may thus hold the attention of the United States.