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The Drink Question in Palestine: Colonial Secretary Says Regulations Governing Issue of Licences Too

Mr. Mallalieu (National Liberal) asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies in the House of Commons to-day if he would state what authority was responsible for the granting of licences for spirituous liquors in Palestine, and what regulations if any were imposed by the Government on the granting of such licences.

Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister, the Colonial Secretary, said in reply that licences for the manufacture of spirituous liquors are issued by the Director of Customs after the applicant has obtained a certificate from the police and health authorities. A retail or wholesale dealer in spirituous liquors requires two licences, one of which is issued either by a municipal council or a district commissioner, subject to the authorisation of the police authorities, and the other is issued by the Director of Customs.

The regulations on this subject, the Colonial Secretary added, are too diverse to summarise within the compass of this reply, but if Mr. Mallalieu wishes to see them, I shall be glad to arrange for them to be shown to him.