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Two Jewish Amendments Accepted to Polish Government’s New Educational Law: Removing Some of the Dang

Two amendments proposed by Deputy Sommerstein on behalf of the Club of Jewish Deputies, to the Government Educational Bill tending to remove some of the dangers which the Jewish representatives saw in it to the continued existence of the Jewish private school system (as reported in yesterday’s J.T.A. Bulletin) have been adopted by the Education Commission of the Seym.

The first amendment provides that instead of having a right of control over the private schools, as the bill originally contemplated, the Government should have only the right of supervision, as is provided by the Constitution. This was agreed to by the Government Rapporteur on the bill, and passed by the Commission. The second amendment concerns the language.

of instruction in the private schools. As originally provided under the Government bill, the language of instruction would have had to be in accordance with the local conditions, which would have placed the right of deciding what the language of instruction should be in the hands of the local officials, who would thus, as Deputy Sommerstein said, be given arbitrary powers over the schools. The Government Rapporteur on the bill said that he would consent to this provision being struck out, and this was agreed to by the Commission.