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Blood Libel Manufactured by Hitlerist Press out of Jew’s Murder of Christian Servant Girl: Jewish Po

A criminal murder case in which a young Jew figures as the guilty party is being exploited by the Hitlerist press to work up a ritual murder agitation which is endangering the safety of the entire Jewish population of Westphalia.

The dismembered body of a Christian servant girl named Martha Kaspar was discovered at Paderborn, and as a result of certain information the police arrested her employer, a Jewish cattle-dealer named Meyer and his son. The son has admitted that he had intimate relations with Kaspar and claims that she died after an abortion, and that he had cut up the body and dumped the remains, thinking in that way to avoid discovery.

The Nazi press has taken up the affair, and is making the crime of one Jew appear as if it had been committed by all Jews. Ritual murder is practised by Jews because of their Asiatic blood-lust, the “Voelkischer Beobachter” shrieks. The Jews are all a bloodthirsty horde of Asiatic murdering beasts.