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Polish Nationalist Youth Who Started November Disturbances Adopt Anti-jewish Resolutions at Warsaw C

The All-Polish Youth Federation, which is affiliated to the National Democratic Party and was behind the November disturbances in Poland, as was officially stated in Parliament by the Minister of the Interior, has held its tenth annual conference this week in Warsaw, adopting a number of resolutions directed against the Pilsudski Government, and against the Jews.

On the subject of the Jews, the Conference has decided that “the population of the Polish Republic should be divided into two categories-citizens who have full rights and citizens who have no political rights at all. All Jews are to be included in this second category, even if they belong to the Christian faith.

“Jews are not to have the vote”, the resolutions proceed. “Jews are not to be allowed to be officials, teachers, professors, notaries, or members of the Stock Exchange. Jews are not to be admitted to military service, and in lieu of this will have to pay a special tax.

“Jews are not to be permitted to change their names to Polish forms. A Numerus Nullus is to be enforced against Jews in all schools. Shechita is to be prohibited. Marriages between Jews and non-Jews are to be prohibited”.

A further resolution declares that “the entire life of the Polish Republic must be built on the basis of the Roman Catholic Church”.