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Another Hitlerist Government in Germany: Nazis Obtain Absolute Majority of Votes in Mecklenburg-schw

The Nazis have gained control of another German State, obtainin an absolute majority of the votes in the elections which took place to-day in the State of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

The Hitlerists obtained 178,680 votes, more than all the other Parties combined. The Socialists, who came second, polled 107,000 votes, but the Nationalists only polled 30,000 votes, the Communists 25,000, and the Democratic Party and the People’s Party 7,000 votes each.

The Nazis, who did not have a single seat in the previous Mecklenburg Parliament, now have 29. The Socialists have 18 Deputies in the new Parliament.

Mecklenburg includes several old Jewish communities, among them the town of Rostock, which played an important part in the fight for Jewish emancipation in Germany.