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Union of Roumanian Jews Adopts Waiting Attitude on Question of New Government We Shall See What Ne M

The appointment of M. Vayda-Voyvod as Prime Minister is a little surprising, the “Curierul Israelit”, the organ of the Union of Roumanian Jews writes, because when it became impossible to form a Concentration Government, in view of the fact that the National Peasants’ Government had to retire a year ago under exactly similar circumstances as the Jorga Government has had to retire now, one would have expected now a Liberal Government under M. Duca, or a neutral Government to arrange fresh elections.

But the new Vayda-Voyvod Government does not seem to be a purely Party Government, it proceeds. Several of the National Peasants’s leaders, like M. Mihalache, are not include.

However that may be, it says, we Jews expect from M. Vayda-Voyvod, who as Minister of the Interior in the #aniu Government did not treat us very well, that he should change his attitude towards the Jews of Roumania. We hope that the new Prime Minister will not be surrounded by any more Tazloianus. We Jews ask for no privileges but only for equal rights and equal duties with the other nations of the country. Meanwhile our attitude is one of awaiting events. We shall see what the new Ministry will bring us Jews, and then we shall decide out attitude.