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Copy of French Report Handed by Colonial Office to London Jewish Agency Executive: Simultaneous Publ

The Colonial Office handed a copy of the French Report to the Executive of the Jewish Agency in London this afternoon.

The J.T.A. understands that publication of the Report is not expected for some time, until both the Jewish Agency and the Arab Executive have submitted their observations, following which the Government will formulate its policy on Palestine development on the basis of the High Commissioner’s recommendations and publish it simultaneously with the French Report, which was not contemplated some time ago, when it was thought that the French Report might be made public before submission to the Jewish and Arab sides.

The simultaneous publication of the Government policy is likely to overshadow the recommendations made by Mr. French, since the shaping and tendency of future Palestine development depends not on the French Report, but on the Government policy formulated after consideration of the Report.

The Government policy in still subject to consideration in Parliament, which would have to be asked to sanction the £2,500,000 loan required for carrying out the work of development, and in view of the present financial situation, the Government may decide that it is not expedient to ask Parliament for the loan, and may leave the matter over and confine itself to attempting to carry out such parts of the Development Scheme as the regular annual Palestine budget will permit.