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Jewish Ex-soldiers in Germany Continue War Against Antisemitism Without Interruption for Midsummer:

The Federation of Jewish Ex-Soldiers has decided not to suspend its activities this year, as usual, during midsummer, but to carry its war against antisemitism into the enemy’s camp without a break.

Dr. Ludwig Freund, one of the leaders of the Federation, spoke this week at Cassel, with Dr. Kurt Gruenbaum, the Chairman of the hessen-Waldeck branch, in the chair.

There were present General von Huelseen, the Commander of the 11th. Army Corps during the war, ex-officers and serving officers of the Reichswehr, and of the Schupo(protective police) headed by the Cassel Police President, Dr. Hohenstein, himself an active member of the Federation of Jewish ex-Soldiers, a large number of representatives of ex-Servicemen’s and military organisations, the Republican Reichsbanner, the Steel Helm Brigade, Nazis wearing the swastika, the Young German Order, various scouting and youth organisations, clergy belonging to all denominations, teachers and of ficials.

Dr. Freund in his speech, which is reported fully in all the Cassel newspapers, described the feelings of the German Jews who had fought in the war, who were loyal German citizens, and condemned the ideas spread by the antisemites about the Jews. Some of the Nazis present cheered when Dr. Freund quoted Hitlerist arguments, but the great majority of the gathering gave Dr. Freund an ovation when he appealed to them not to allow a revival in Germany of the spirit of intolerance and injustice against the Jews that had disgraced the world for centuries.