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Government and Jewish Education in Palestine: Amount of Jewish Contributions to Revenue Under Discus

Mr. David Adams asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies in the House of Commons to-day if he was able to state the amount contributed by the Government of Palestine in the last convenient year towards the upkeep of Jewish and Arab schools respectively, what proportion of the Jewish contributions to taxation was expended on Jewish education and what proportion of the Arab contributions to taxation was spent on Arab education.

Sir Robert Hamilton, the Under-Secretary for the Colonies, said that the figures for the year 1931 are as follows:

Jewish schools grant to Jewish Agency, £19,190; per capita grant, £1,289; a total of £20,479.

Arab schools, £104,907; grant to Moslems £624; total £105,531.

The question of the amount of the Jewish contributions to revenue is at present under discussion between the Government of Palestine and the Jewish Agency Executive, Sir Robert added, and until I have learnt the conclusion that has been reached on that point, I am unable to reply to the last part of the question.