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Majority of Jews in Latvia Unemployed Agudist Deputy Tells Parliament

The majority of the Jews in Latvia are unemployed, as a result of the wrong policy pureued by the Government, Deputy M. Dubin, the leader of the Agudist Party, has declared in the Seym.

Every day, he said, hundreds of Jewish unemployed come to me, appealing for help to enable them to get a crust of bread. The Jews of Riga have done everything possible to alleviate the distress of the unemployed Jews, but the means are inadequate to cope with the need.

The plight of the Jewish unemployed is much worse than that of the non-Jewish unemployed, Deputy Dubin said, because Jews are not accepted for agricultural work.

If the Government does not do something to provide for the Jewish unemployed, Deputy Dubin said, it will find that it is driving them into the arms of revolutionary extremism.