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New German Government and the Jews: No Need Till No to Doubt Its Earnest Desire to Assure Equal Righ

The Central Union of German Citizens of Jewish Faith has issued a statement in which, referring to the declaration of policy made recently by the Prime Minister, Herr von Papen, laying down the programme of the new Government “on the Christian foundations of German culture”, it says:

We do not consider that directed against us. Christian in this sense means religious, and this religious proviso is in accord with the religion of the overwhelming majority of the 65 millions of Germans. Whether it is to be recommended from the general political point of view is a matter that is not for us to decide.

There is no need till now to doubt the earnest desire of the new Government to assure the equal rights of all citizens. How things may develop, only a Prophet can say, and prophecy in Israel has ceased since the destruction of the Temple. We can and we must await the future. Watchfulness is necessary, but not hyper-sensitiveness.