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Minutes of Prussian Diet Session Confirm Communists Voted for Confiscation Law

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency by consulting the minutes of the June 24th session of the Prussian Diet is in a position to confirm that the Communists voted for the law calling for the confiscation of the property of East European Jews who entered Germany after August 1, 1914.

Leaders of the Communist fraction in the Diet were approached by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency representative and did not deny their vote. They explained that they added to the confiscation of the properties of East European Jews the term “and royal properties,” aiming at the seizure of large estates.

This amendment was voted down and when the vote was taken, the Communists concurred, since they did not wish to sacrifice the other “advantages” of the bill, which also recommended that all those earning more than 1,000 marks per month should submit the difference to the government treasury.

Were the confiscation of the Jewish properties embodied in a separate bill, we would not have voted for it the Communist leaders informed the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.