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Panisoara Sentenced to 30 Days Imprisonment; Will then Be Transferred

Disciplinary action against Captain Panisoara and the gendarmes responsible for the torture of Samson Bronstein, Zionist leader of Yedinez, Bessarabia, has now been taken, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was officially informed today.

Captain Panisoara was sentenced to thirty days imprisonment, and the right of judicial interrogation was withdrawn from him. Following this term, he will be transferred to the post at Gaiesti, near Bucharest.

The gendarmes, arraigned on similar charges, were sentenced to but ten days imprisonment, on the ground that they simply executed the orders of their superior officer. They, too, will be transferred to other posts.

The present disciplinary action against Panisoara and the gendarmes will not affect in any way the proceedings against them and the trial which is scheduled for October, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was informed.