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Says Bread Shortage Compels Jewish Artisans to Leave Co-operatives, Artels

The bread shortage is driving Jewish artisans in the Ukraine to leave their co-operatives and artels, the “Emess” reported yesterday.

The desertion from the Jewish artels in the villages has reached a percentage of 80, the paper declares. It explains the mass desertion on the ground that the artisans are not earning enough to buy bread in the free market, while they are not privileged to receive bread from the co-operatives which are now confined to laborers only.

The Jewish artisans are therefore compelled to migrate to such places as present better likelihood of securing bread.

Thus, says the “Emess,” the entire system of Jewish co-operatives and artels is breaking down, especially in the villages.

The paper concludes its report with a demand that the food supply for the artels be improved.