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Says Reception to Prospective Bidjan Settlers Turned into Anti-palestine Demonstration

The reception accorded Palestine arrivals for settlement in Bira Bidjan was converted into a strong anti-Palestine demonstration, according to the Moscow “Emess” which has just reached London.

The reception was addressed by representatives of the Comzet, the governmental department for settling Jews on the land and in industry and of the Ozet, Jewish colonization society.

A leading speaker was the Arab Communist Aliamarov, says the paper, who stated that Great Britain and the Zionists are torturing the Arabs in Palestine. Aliamarov called for the strengthening of the Communist movement in Palestine.

One of the Palestine settlers group, Herzik, described the situation in Palestine as “fourteen years of the Balfour swindle.” He stated that the Arab movement against the Jews and Great Britain is growing.

“We were the first to liberate ourselves from the Zionist swindle and numerous other groups are following us to Soviet Russia,” Herzik is quoted as having declared.