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Confirm Proffer of Duesterberg Resignation; Stahlhelm Prevails on Him to Remain

Inquiries by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency with regard to the denial issued by Major von Stephani, organizer of the Steel Helmet convention here on Monday, that Colonel Theodor Duesterberg has resigned his office as second leader of the Stahlhelm, confirm today that Duesterberg tendered his resignation to the praesidium of the Stahlhelm on Tuesday.

The news that Lieutenant Colonel Duesterberg, who is the defeated candidate for president of the Reich, of the Nationalist Party, had submitted his resignation to the Stahlhelm praesidium, following a Nazi campaign against him because he is of Jewish origin was made known not only by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency but was published in the Ullstein press, including the “Vossische Zeitung,” which is known to be friendly to the Steel Helmet Society of war veterans.

Leaders of the Stahlhelm have labelled as absurd that racial descent should be regarded as in any way inimical to Duesterberg’s continuation in office and have not hesitated to denounce the Nazi campaign against him on this score as deliberate provocation. For this reason, the praesidium of the Stahlhelm did not accept the proffered resignation of Duesterberg and prevailed upon him to remain in office.

Leaders of the Steel Helmet are not desirous of acknowledging that the Nazi campaign against Duesterberg has had any repercussions in the Steel Helmet camp. This is said to explain the silence which is being maintained on what transpired at the meeting of the praesidium.

Duesterberg himself, at the meeting of the praesidium where he tendered his resignation, acknowledged that he was of Jewish descent, stating however, that he had only then learned of it.