Sir Herbert Samuel Resigns; Hore-belisha May Replace Him
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Sir Herbert Samuel Resigns; Hore-belisha May Replace Him

Sir Herbert Samuel, leader of the Liberal Party, resigned his office today as Home Secretary in the British cabinet.

Sir Herbert’s resignation was due to opposition to the empire trade agreements reached at the Ottawa conference.

While Sir Herbert’s successor is not yet known, it is possible that another Jew will be raised to the cabinet. The name of Leslie Hore-Belisha, at present secretary of the Board of Trade, is being mentioned for the post.

Sir Herbert’s resignation becomes valid on Friday when he will formally hand over the seal of his office to the King, who will then confirm his successor’s appointment.

Sir Herbert’s resignation was one of three, the others being that of Viscount Philip Snowden, Lord of the Privy Seal and Sir Archibald Sinclair, Secretary for Scotland.

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